Lucas Grill

Restaurateur, Chef, Sommelier, Football Aficianado.

Ask seasoned restaurateurs and they’ll tell you: a restaurant should always tell a story. For Lucas Grill, each of his restaurants’ stories comes from a chapter of his own. Upon finishing high school, Lucas enrolled at The Culinary Institute of America. After graduating 2nd in his class (still a sore subject) Lucas decided to follow family tradition by attending Michigan State University to study Hospitality Business. The next few years flew as Lucas worked for some of the country’s best restaurateurs in Detroit, Chicago, and Grand Rapids.

Once he developed his sense for the business, Lucas decided to take the plunge. Public was born out of his passion for well-crafted food open to all walks of life.  Creating a unique dining experience by doing everything the right way, Lucas prepared amazing comfort food that drew the local community together. As Public found success, Lucas turned to his next project: an outpouring of gratitude for his parents’ support of his dreams. Seventy-Six, named for the year of his parents’ marriage, celebrates modern American cuisine and the subtle art of well-chosen wines. On the horizon, Lucas has plans for two new dining ventures: Poquito and Obstacle No. 1, both inspired by his years living in Spain. Together, these four restaurants form the 1983 Restaurants group.

In his free time Lucas enjoys spending time with his family and friends, watching his beloved Michigan State Spartans, and listening to his favorite band Interpol